Ruslan Hossain

While considered and referred to by many as a “celebrity fitness guru”, Mr. Ruslan Hossain is at heart a dedicated fitness consultant, performance nutrition expert, a true enthusiast of the sport and a global ambassador representing Bangladesh to the world of body building. Achieving the international medal of success and recognition from IFBB pro muscle contest in Philippines he has put forth our nations standard and paved the path for our generations ahead. To share his knowledge, wisdom and virtue among others alike he has created "Ruslan's Studio" a fitness center which is a treasure trove for all who craves fitness and health. With humility and determination, with positivity and motivation Mr. Ruslan Hossain and Ruslan's Studio is always standing ground to help provide the fitness program that is unique and proven best for individuals.

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Ruslan's Studio Trainers

Proper guidance and accurate technique is vital and most essential part of a daily workout and our experienced male and female fitness trainers are readily available to guide and assist our members in every step of the way. All of our trainers at Ruslan’s Studio are meticulously trained by Ruslan Hossain himself so they are well versed with his distinct knowledge of fitness and health and unequivocal method of professional guidance and training which is irrefutably the best. With vast knowledge and years of experience under their belt our trainers are equipped to provide support with utmost professionalism to each of our member during workout and help accomplish their desired fitness goal.